Choosing services website creation, web design, mobile application creation or production of special application needs careful thought to accommodate the needs of enterprises.

AHMB Code Developer has a staff that has experienced since 2003 in providing manufacturing services and website development companies. Team AHMB Code endeavor to provide maximum functionality for each system / application / web generated.

Here are the areas you are considering AHMB reference in the Code.

  1. Technology
    • We use the latest technology in developing websites. CSS3 technology and associated with Web 2.0 technologies we have developed. The use of the latest technology to ensure that every website we produce optimal so quickly accessible.
    • We use the server software that is used as a standard in web development such as PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache and CPanel. This policy ensures we deliver website easily developed later.
    • We develops its own CMS (Content Management System). By using the CMS itself, then we easily customize the website the customer needs.
    • We put a server in Indonesia. With a location server in Indonesia, the access to the customer website to be fast as well as sending and receiving emails that do customer will be faster.
  2. Infrastructure
    • We have a dedicated server that is specifically used for customer AHMB Code. Dedicated servers we put in the data center that is located in Indonesia
    • We have a dedicated bandwidth be reserved for customers AHMB Code
    • With these infrastructures to access the customer website to be faster as well as sending and receiving emails that do the customer will be faster
  3. Functional
    • We developed our website design easily found through search engines like Google. This allows the website can be used as an effective marketing tool. In general, it is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
    • We design navigation that allows visitors to find the services / products offered through the website.
  4. Aesthetics
    • We designed a website in accordance with the principles of design such as composition, color, typografi and others.
    • This will ensure that we create attractive designs and comfort of visitors visiting the website customers. Thereby enhancing the company`s image.
  5. Fulltime staff
    • You will be serviced by a team who works fulltime at AHMB Code Developer
    • Each member of the team who serve you have professional expertise in their respective fields ditekuninya
    • With a fulltime professional staff, we assure that you will get our best service.
  6. Legality
    • AHMB Code Developer is a corporation. This will give each of our customers a sense of security as it relates to the obvious.
  7. Experience

These are the reasons why you should consider AHMB Code Developer. Please visit our web site at