SMS Gateway is a suite of SMS applications built on web-based technology that allows businesses to send and receive SMS messages from and to all cellular operators in Indonesia (Telkomsel, Satelindo, Excelcom, IM3, Telkom Flexy, ESIA, Mobile 8 (FREN) , Start One, Telkom SMS, etc) via the Intranet even the Internet.

SMS Gateway to send SMS in addition to helping the company`s identity as No Ordinary 0811xxxxxx or 0818xxxxxxxx, can also send an SMS with the identity of your company name, for example: HSBC BANK, BANK BCA or Hypermart.

SMS Delivery Process

SMS Gateway Developer | Jasa Pembuatan Aplikasi SMS Gateway

Key Features


  • Inbox
  • Sent Items
  • Send SMS to single destination
  • Send SMS to multiple destination
  • Phonebook Manager
  • Delivery Report
  • Trash Message
  • Auto Responder
  • SMS Reminder
  • Services
  • User Guide
  • Administrator

Gathering Report Via SMS

Are you experiencing:

  • Length of sales reports from branches / outlets / stores.
  • Cost is high enough to get a report from branches / outlets / stores.
  • Difficulty communicating with branches / outlets / stores.
  • Difficulty in obtaining real time information from the sales.


  • Real Time Report
  • Easy to Use
  • Unlimited Report
  • Rapid delivery of reports
  • Save the cost of communication
  • Accelerate business processes

Information on Demand (IOD)

IOD is the information given after a request from the user where the information will be given / AUTO answered by SMS Gateway 

With the IOD feature will make it easier for both internal and external parties / consumer companies to obtain the necessary information by using SMS technology. 

Can be implemented to:

  • Check Point-Reward
  • Check Position Exchange, Stocks
  • Check Stock Items
  • Tracking the status of a product / process
  • Tracking the position of product delivery
  • Status of the product being repaired
  • Status of consumer complaints
  • Status licensing / approval credit


  • Office Alert 
    Alert a person or groups on meetings, events, personals, email, and appointments.
  • SMS Transaction 
    • Check Point, Bonus
    • Stock Product
    • Tracking System
    • Exchange, Stocks
  • SMS Reminder 
    • Birthday Greeting
    • Payment
    • Stock Alert
  • SMS Support 
    • Sent Report to Management
    • Collect Database

  • SMS Reminder 
    • Birthday Greeting
    • Payment
    • Stock Alert
  • Interactive SMS 
    • Live Show
    • TV, Radio
    • Forum, Seminar, Workshop
  • SMS Promotion & Broadcasting 
    • Promo
    • Discount
    • Coupon
    • Sale