Entering the third millennium the Internet has changed the way many communicate both personal and corporate. Companies that want to survive the rigors of competition have to use the internet to communicate their products and services. Media in the Internet is called website. AHMB Developer Code exists to help companies communicate their products and services through the website. 

In providing website development services, focusing on AHMB Code Developer

  1. Corporate Website Development 
    AHMB Code Developer provides corporate website development services aimed at communicating the following company profile products and services provided. AHMB Code Developer to develop services in website packages that can be selected according to the needs and budget of the company. 

  2. Web Based Development 
    AHMB Code Developer provides a web service based development that aims to defend the economic climate developments, technologies and global transformation today, Information Technology has become an integral part of company operations.   Developer Code AHMB easily develop applications that are tailored to support your business infrastructure.   The web application is very popular at this time to consider the convenience of using a web browser as the user interface. 
    Sample Application: 
    1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 
    2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
    3. Human Resources Management System (HRDIS)

  3. Mobile Apps Development
    AHMB Code Developer mobile app developers will consider your business and you need to develop Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, or iPad. development of the idea of ??mobile application developers we are working hard to make the idea of ??a productive, true for you and your business profitable.
    Examples of Mobile OS:
    1. Android
    2. BlackBerry
    3. iPhone
    4. iPad
    5. Windows Phone
    6. Symbian
    7. Java OS

  4. IT Consulting & Security
    Today`s businesses need partners who can talk about strategy and technology and their impact to their organization in the same conversation. This is exactly what we do. At AHMBCodeDeveloper Technologies, we believe an in-depth understanding of our clients` business, industry, and needs is required to enable us helping our clients to get the most value from implementing technology. Our cross-industry consulting experiences help our clients craft a vision for their organization and then provide a specific, practical business and technology framework that will make that vision a reality.
    Our IT consulting and security teams help our clients improve the alignment of business and technology, increase process efficiency and effectiveness, reduce IT operational costs, improve information security, and enhance business value of IT through implementation of available open source software. We help our clients in identifying their IT needs, finding robust, proven, low-cost IT solutions and supports, implementing the solutions, securing their company`s sensitive data, and training their employees.
  5. Website Maintenance 
    Once the website is developed, AHMB Code Developer provides website maintenance services that include hosting, domain payments and support services related to email and websites. By using the services of website maintenance AHMB Code Developer, simply contact the company that door AHMB Code Developer related websites and email services company.

Developer Code AHMB always develop themselves both in terms of expertise and infrastructure used in providing the best service to its customers. Team Developer Code fulltime AHMB always develop themselves so that quality of service is always the best. 

Related infrastructure, AHMB Developer Code using the infrastructure that ensures the website and email can be accessed quickly by using a dedicated server and its own dedicated bandwidth. 

As evidence of the service that has been done AHMB Code Developer, Developer Code AHMB has produced a website that can be seen in www.ahmbcode.id/our-portofolio/.