Want to Know the Many Languages ??in Indonesia?

Want to Know the Many Languages ??in Indonesia?

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Head of Development and Language Development, Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), Mahsun, said that Indonesia is rich in different languages. The numbers continue to grow as research continues. 

It noted there are at least 442 languages ??that Indonesia is revealed in the language to the 9th Congress held 2008. In 2012, research continues to take samples at 70 locations in the Moluccas and Papua. The results of the study, the number of languages ??and sub-languages ??in Indonesia reaches 546 languages. 

"There will be more because the research has not been done," Mahsun said on Friday (31/08/2012), at the Agency for Development and Language Development Kemendikbud, Jakarta. 

Do not stop there, next year, Mahsun optimistic that the numbers will penetrate 600 types because the research was conducted by taking a sample back in 109 territory. 

The method used to examine trace that tells the public recognition of a language or sub-language. The calculation method is used to calculate the level dialektometri language differences in one region to another. 

"Outsiders are also conducting research in Indonesia language and the numbers vary., But the most accurate just us," he said.

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