Indonesia Developer Game in Action at Tokyo Game Show 2012

Indonesia Developer Game in Action at Tokyo Game Show 2012

BANDUNG, KOMPAS - Studio game developer from Indonesia for the first time will participate in the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), on 20 to 23 September 2012. The invitation is utilized best to introduce the potential of the gaming industry to the Japanese market nationwide or even international. 

According to the official website of TGS, there are two game studios Indonesia were invited, namely Altermyth and Agate Studio. Both will occupy a section of Asia New Stars Area.

In part, they will display their products with game developer studio from Vietnam, Glass Egg Digital Media, as well as other countries such as Malaysia with Fun and Cool Ventures, Terato Tech, and Sherman 3D. Do not miss the game developers from Iran that Iran National Foundation of Computer Games. 

This was justified by the Altermyth and Agate Studio contacted separately, Tuesday (28/08/2012). One booth that they get to TGS2012 will be named "Indonesian Game Studios." 

"There, we will make a booklet containing other game studios in Indonesia," said Wong Lok Dien, Director Altermyth. 

Currently, Altermyth studio is collecting a list of game developers to be included in the booklet. In addition to the name, they also collect video trailer of the game made by other studios to be played alternately in a laptop while performing in TGS2012. 

Yunita Anggraeni, PR Manager Agate Studio, said that their Chief Operating Officer, Shieny Aprilia, will be one of the panelists in the Asia Game Business Summit to be part of the TGS2012 on 20 September.

Shieny, who became the sole panelist from Indonesia, will give an opinion in a discussion entitled "A New Era of Boundary-less Social and Mobile Games?! What Businesses Will Survive Game in Asia?" 

According Yunita, the opportunity to participate in TGS is worth it for the gaming industry in Indonesia. Thus, they had the opportunity to expand into overseas markets and is increasingly recognized their work. 

TGS2012 is a game show that was held once a year in Japan that took place since 1996. This event is an opportunity for game developers to show off the title that has not been released or are still worked.

That is why, TGS2012 become a factor in the gaming industry world as a major reference on the game that will be released a few months later. The press of the West is also considered an important event such as the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). 

Participants TGS2012 also not kidding, though predominantly from Japanese developers, there is a studio that has a sort of international reputation and caliber of Square Enix, Level-5, Konami, Namco Bandai, Sony Computer Entertainment and Tecmo Koei.

Besides Japan, other Asian countries there are sort of invited China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. In addition to the gaming industry, TGS also displays a certain section for education.


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