Google & Apple`s most coveted So Workplace

Google & Apple`s most coveted So Workplace

Jakarta - Google, Apple and Microsoft to be the leading company a dream of many people. At least this is the report issued by the networking site for professionals, LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn released the list of the most desirable as a place of work, by doing observations and surveys on the user site. This site alone has over 175 million users. 

Of the 100 big name companies acquired, LinkedIn records that 21 of them are companies engaged in the technology and software, and this is the highest among all categories. Retail and consumer companies followed with 20 and there is also a professional service with 16 companies. 

Want to know what other companies are a dream workers outside of Google and Apple? Here are the top 10 companies on the list, as quoted from VentureBeat, Saturday (10/13/2012): 

1. Google 
2. Apple 
3. Microsoft 
4. Facebook 
5. Unilever 
6. General Electric 
7. Pepsico 
8. P & G 
9. McKinsey & Company 
10. The Coca-Cola Company. 

The names of the participating technology companies in the list of LinkedIn, but not in the top 10 at number 14 is Twitter and Samsung at number 36. There`s also HP, Netflix and game developer Zynga. 

  1. Faris

    January 27, 2013

    The tips that you list in your article are great and they have proevn themselves to be correct as well. I held a web conference meeting the other day and I followed your steps to a T and the meeting was a success and a hit with my boss as well. After the meeting the boss wanted to know where I learned to host a web conference as well as I had and had I done them somewhere before. So I gave him the blog address and showed him the steps to follow. Thank you for making me look good I appreciate all the help I can get.

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