Benefits of Reading Book for Healthcare

Benefits of Reading Book for Healthcare

VIVAlife - Solid work and also more sophisticated tools gadgets, make people would occasionally glance at a book. Today, many people prefer to tamper with their gadgets, rather than reading a book. In fact, reading this book can not only broaden our horizons and the knowledge. Reading books is also beneficial to health. 

This was revealed by scientists from Oxford University. They found reading a book not only for intelligence, but also both physical and psychological. According to Professor John Stein, reading not only passively follow the plot, but it also brings imagination. "We feel empathy with the characters that we go through all the ups and downs with them," Stein said as quoted from GeniusBeauty. 

In addition, if someone is reading a book about the smell, taste, or pictures of landscapes, will make the part of the brain responsible for the perception will begin to work, as if it happened in reality.

In addition, another benefit is that, six minutes of reading can reduce stress levels about two-thirds. Not only that, reading can help cope with stress better than walking in nature or listening to music. 

And by reading the book will also be beneficial in terms of mental discipline, such as the ease of long-term planning and management of long conversations about the same topic.By doing so, it is important to instill a love reading books since childhood.

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