What is a Mobile Application?

Mobile Application or in the Indonesian language: Mobile Application is an application created specifically to run on mobile devices. Mobile devices are generally grouped by platform, this platform is bebarapa category:

  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • Windows Mobile
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • etc..

In general, the specific Mobile Application developed by each platform. 
Mobile Application is usually installed into a mobile device in an easy way, simply by:

  • OTA or Over The Air
  • Bluetooth
  • Send File via (Email, Direct Download by URL, file send BBM or Chat)


Internet and mobile devices will continue to grow

  • Internet increasingly in need in all aspects of human life
  • Many business and personal dependence on higher Internet
  • Internet service providers will be more and more, the benefit is the User
  • The Government continues to support the infrastructure has improved
  • Prices are more affordable Mobile Device
  • Almost all International and Local Brand vying provide Mobile Device
  • Because manufacturers are more and more, of the benefit is the user, the edges are Affordable prices and the improving quality of the products


Mobile Application

  • Lightweight applications that are installed and run on a mobile device platform
  • Walking on platforms such as BlackBerry, Android-Based, Symbian, iPhone, etc.
  • The average size of the application is under 500KB (depending on the type of application)
  • The installation process can be OTA (Over The Air)


Facts About Mobile Applications

  • Many applied for Business (product catalogs, order products), Games, Social Network, etc.
  • Mobile applications are mostly smartphone
  • Many portals, social networks facilitated by mobile application
  • Many people have access to facebook and twitter through mobile devices


Advantages Mobile Application

  • The opportunity at any time to access the User Information
  • Means of Communication with customers on a 24 x 7 even Realtime
  • Managing community
  • The company can be posted Push info to customers
  • Regardless Internet
  • Lightweight and easy to run


Use of Mobile Application

Currently, Mobile Application already in use in several industries such as:

  • Hospitality
  • Hospital
  • Cafe, Resto
  • Entertainment: Cinema, other entertainment venues
  • Tour & Travel
  • Securities, Finance, Banks
  • Media, Magazines, Newspapers
  • Clubs, Forum: Marketing Club, Fitness Center
  • Education: Schools, Universities
  • Shopping: Mall
  • Paid services: Pay TV
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail, Chainshop
  • Insurance
  • Public Service
  • Community: Lovers Motor Gede, Spiritual


Use of Mobile Application: Features

  • News
  • Event
  • Tips
  • Seminar
  • Schedule
  • Appointment
  • Special Promo or Discount
  • Subscribe
  • Booking or Registration
  • Create Alarm
  • Nearest Merchant or other POI
  • Maintenance Management and Alert
  • Office Group Messenger
  • Tracking salesperson activity
  • Check Stock
  • Product Catalog
  • Pricebook
  • Realtime Order or Transaction
  • Claim
  • Customer Profile
  • Branch Info
  • Billing Info