Applications ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an absolute condition for a company. With the ERP application, the company can integrate the entire business enterprise in a database. Thus the input of sales made on the second sales staff will be instantly known by the warehouse and also by the finance department at that instant. The warehouse will immediately prepare the goods, and the finance department can instantly know the new sales order and that have occurred in that month. Management can instantly monitor how many percent of this month`s sales target is reached.

Parts warehouse also can directly make a decision whether to buy merchandise anymore or not. If you need to be able to do a purchase request, and at the same second part of the purchase directly determine the need for making the purchase. The purchasing department then contacted suppliers to make purchases.
Management also can directly view the financial position (nerasa) and also the income statement at any desired seconds and can take quick decisions to respond to the market.

Can integrate the functions of marketing, production function, the function of logistics, finance and accounting functions, as well as other functions. The management can take the right strategic decisions, fast, and efficient. In addition, business processes, operational procedures (SOP), etc. are more easily controlled because all data in one centralized and integrated server through the network in any company and its branches are located.

1. Marketing
2. Finance / Accounting
3. Purchase
4. Sales
5. Inventory / Inventory
6. Delivery / Delivery
7. Master Data
8. Reports

1. Desktop
2. Website
3. Mobile Applications

1. Oracle Database
2. Java Enterprise Edition