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AHMB Code Developer provides Call Center solutions that can help to evaluate and monitor the course of the company`s business going through the telephone. 

Answering the need for ever more closely with customers, today many companies have held a communication channel with customers through a call center, so that when the customer requires any service from the company that customers can find your business easily. 

Call Center is an application that can be integrated and aligned with corporate applications or systems that are already running, and as a complement, we also provide solutions not just telephone communications, but it can through other communication channels such as SMS, Email, or Fax. 

Features Call Center can be seen through the types of services listed below: 

1. Services Inbound, namely:

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) 
    - Allow customer profile pop up alerts when incoming call & dialing previous
  • Customer Service / Helpdesk
  • Order-taking
  • Complaint Handling (Issue / Case Management by ticket-based system) support by escalation process
  • Product Inquiry
  • 24 hours office operator
  • Voice mail management module

2. Outbound Services, namely:

  • Telesales / Telemarketing
  • Call Plan (Create your own Call Program)
  • User defined tele-script (create your own script) 
    - Used for CATI system 
    Outbound Services can be used to:
    • Lead Generation
    • Up Sell and Cross Sell
    • Survey Management by Tele-Survey
    • Tele Collection
    • Campaign Management
    • Data verification

3. Services Contact Center are: 

Varied communication channels such as SMS, fax, or email to make your business communications become increasingly more flexible and broad. 

There is an additional service that has become part of the three services such as Call Center:

  • Customer Profile Management
  • Knowledge-based module: 
    - Used for standard services FAQs, product knowledge, etc..
  • Management Agenda (appointment) 
    - Use for reminder
  • Rich reports and interactive dashboards
  • Live Chart inter agent
  • Live monitoring by supervisors
  • Auto Email and SMS Notification for many action in workflow
  • IP PBX System
  • Auto Recording System


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Details of the image above is the plot Call Center application infrastructure 

Call Center is an application that has advanced features to optimize the use of IVR systems, CTI, CATI, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), real-time reporting, and recording Inbound & Outbound activities are designed as sophisticated and as easy as possible to operate. 

Essential Call Center is monitoring and evaluation which can be determined by companies like to know who`s calling, displays customer data and the performance of the agent, even supervisors can monitor agents who are doing the communication with the customer and all the talk can be automatically recorded in the system. 

Developer Code AHMB hope your company can determine the right solution for the needs of the Company, so that the preferred solution is the most efficient and the most value added.

Why should Call Center in AHMB Code Developer? 

Excellence AHMB Code Developer as a provider of Call Center Solution that is our experience as a company engaged in communication networks (Internet and voice) / ISP together with our experience as Integrated & Customized IT Solution Provider who has more than 7 years enables us to provide a value added to your company when implementing Call Center. 

With our background in the field of integrated Information Technology allows us to be able to provide specific solutions, which may not be included in your standard products at other companies. 

With this experience as well so we were able to maximize all potential call center that can make your company more leverage in implementing Indonesia Call Center Solutions.