With our online accounting software, you can make financial reports more quickly and efficiently. This bookkeeping applications can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Grow your business started right now by using our accounting application.

Using a similar bank security system. Our bookkeeping applications using AES-256 encryption with a key that is made specifically for each user. All of your data is stored safely because we encrypts any data that can be recognized as belonging to the customer. Network communication between you and our applications are also secured with SSL technology to ensure data is secure.

Cloud accounting
Accounting software systems we use cloud that allows you to access your account anywhere, with a smartphone, tablet or desktop. You do not need to bother to think about maintenance applications, data is stored safely, without installing the software, your time more efficiently run business for more developed.

Invoicing & Purchase Order
Now undergoing business processes such as purchase and sales journal even easier with integrated neat, smooth and complete. Starting from bidding, ordering, shipping, billing until the return. You can send e-mail and print direct quotation, invoice, packing slip, PO and receipt of our accounting application with 11 different design templates. Contact us when you are using a dot matrix.

Real-time Inventory Stock
Accounting application we have a system that can monitor product flow in and out accurately. We provide modern inventory management, you can supervise or issue a report products whenever and wherever. This report will provide estimates of the timing of when you should make a new booking.

Automatic Asset Management
Goodbye asset recording manually! Accounting applications we provide an easy step to take down your fixed assets and depreciation schedules. With just one click, our system will calculate the depreciation of each asset and account for as an expense. Simplify the sales process and disposal of your assets automatically, to the writing back of depreciation and gain or loss from the transaction in detail.

Instant Business Report
Just with one-click, anytime you can see reports business activity holistically. There are dozens of types of reports to help you in making important decisions on business. Our accounting application filter function makes it easy to focus only on the information you want to view. All reports can be exported to PDF, CSV, and Excel.

Transaction History Customer & Supplier
You can trace the entire history of transactions ever carried out by your suppliers or customers. Knowing the date of the transaction, the maturity, the amount of unpaid purchases, and returns the purchase or sale. Customer account statement can be used to charge the entire debt that still exist simultaneously, and you can e-mail and print directly from the application of our accounting.

Monitor Cash Flow & Expenditure
Your cash balance will be updated automatically following the repayment of the sale and purchase. Knowing the approximate cash balance which will be held within the next 30 days from the amount payable / receivable. Other uses is to control every expense category corresponding budget limit you specify, as well as bank reconciliation in our application easier for cash balance recorded in our accounting application is always the same with your bank statement.

Multi User Access & authorization
Collaboration is easier and work more effectively to prepare financial reports more quickly. Allocate roles / positions according to the function of each user, so that you can grant or restrict access to corporate data appropriately.

Reminder Payable & Receivable
Helping you make the payment of debt and collection of accounts receivable in a timely manner.

Calculation of Inventory
Our accounting software supports calculation of FIFO, LIFO, and Moving Average.

No longer need to invest in hardware and maintenance, IT costs become more efficient.

Our accounting app features:
1. Inventory
2. Stock
3. Cash & Bank
4. Journal
5. Ledger (General Ledger)
6. Sheet (Worksheet)
7. Balance, Depreciation
8. Reconciliation
9. Adjustments (Adjustment)
10. Reminder
11. Calculation of Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
12. Income Statement
13. Entries Adjustment
14. FIFO
15. FILO
16. Moving Average
17. Invoice
18. Purchase Order (PO)
19. Sales Order (SO)

Our app makes the accounting process to be more precise and faster. Managing finances online web-based business. Anytime and anywhere. For more info you can contact us at the email contact@ahmbcode.id