In a period of transformation and this konvergengsi, information systems, applications, and the Internet has a lot to change the way we communicate both personal and corporate. Companies that want to survive and stay ahead of the competition must use information systems, applications and internet media in communicating their products and services. AHMB Code Developer present to assist the company in making information systems, websites, or applications in special costumes according to your business needs. 

We have completed many projects of information systems, applications, websites, created internally as well as online. We can handle both multiplatform applications in Java 2 Enterprise Edition, JSP, PHP, VB / ASP.NET, JSON, AJAX, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, etc. Project that we developed using high security standards, updated design and performance of the applications that we have optimized. 

We have the product and serve the creation of applications according to your needs, such as information systems, online websites, desktop applications, console applications, application daemon, internal applications, processes scheduled (job Scheduler), etc. 
Quality of applications, information systems and websites that exist in the present is a basic standard in our development environment. 

If you are interested to cooperate with using our services can contact in email or phone 0838 7272 0443 (24 hour support). 

AHMB Code Developer provides products, services and solutions for your business convenience:

  1. Corporate Website 
    We have a product that aims to communicate the company`s website following company profile products and services provided. We develop services in website packages that can be selected according to the needs of the company. 

  2. Website 
    We can create a website that you can change to adjust to the specific needs of your business. Web created always updated using the latest technology, website search engine optimization or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the composition of which is responsive, anti-hacking, cracking, sql injection and has a lot of security features and high security. 

  3. Mobile Application 
    We have services and products for your business needs in developing applications on Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iPhone, and iPad. Our mobile application developers are working hard to make the idea of a productive, true to your business and profitable. 
    Mobile applications that can we serve include: 
    1. Android 
    2. BlackBerry 
    3. iPhone 
    4. iPad 
    5. Windows Phone 
    6. Symbian 
    7. Java OS

  4. IT Consulting & Security 
    Security problems in information systems is an important aspect that we must realize. Prevent intrusions, unauthorized health insurance, theft and physical damage in information systems. Security assessment is of paramount we noticed and we make become part of the standard of workmanship in our environment. 

  5. Maintenance 
    After application, website or information system that has been made, we also provide maintenance services for the maintenance and care of the application in order to always get the quality, performance and security of applications in the best condition.

AHMB Developer Code always develop themselves both in terms of expertise and infrastructure used in providing the best service to its customers. AHMB Code Developer Team is always develop itself so that service quality is always the best. 

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